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What Causes the Sprinkler Truck to Leak Oil?

If a sprinkler truck leaks oil during use, it will directly affect its technical performance, cause waste of lubricating oil and fuel, consume power, affect the cleanliness of the vehicle, and cause environmental pollution. Once the lubricating oil inside the sprinkler truck decreases due to oil leakage, poor lubrication and insufficient cooling of the parts can cause early damage to the internal parts of the sprinkler truck and even leave potential safety hazards. Let's learn what causes oil leakage in sprinkler trucks below.

Causes of oil leakage in sprinkler trucks

1. The joint surface of the sprinkler truck parts is warped or deformed, and the shell is damaged, causing the lubricating oil to leak.

2. Lubricating oil must not be arbitrarily added. It must be added according to the relevant instructions. Excessive addition of lubricating oil or adding the wrong type of oil can cause oil leakage.

3. Excessive addition of lubricating oil, too high oil level, or adding the wrong type of oil in the sprinkler truck.

4. The sealing material of the oil tank is not maintained and serviced properly after frequent use, which can cause the material to age and the oil tank to deform and fail.

5. If the sprinkler truck is assembled improperly, the mating surfaces are not clean, the gasket is damaged or displaced, or it is not installed according to the operating rules and regulations.

6. If the sprinkler truck has quality problems, or the technology and material are poor, or the oil tank structure design is flawed, it can cause oil leakage.

7. After the ventilation plug or check valve of the sprinkler truck is blocked, the pressure difference inside and outside the shell often causes oil leakage at the weak sealing points.

8. Uneven tightening force of the nuts, stripped threads, or loose and falling off of the nuts can cause work failure.

9. All kinds of nuts on the sprinkler truck need to be tightened according to the specified torque.

Loose gaskets will leak, while too tight nuts will cause metal protrusions around the screw holes or stripped threads, which can cause oil leakage. In addition, if the oil drain plug of the oil sump is not tightened or loosened and falls off, it is easy to cause oil loss and then cause engine damage accidents.

Measures to prevent oil leakage in sprinkler trucks

Pay attention to the role of gaskets

The gaskets between the sprinkler truck components in the stationary parts play a role in preventing leakage and sealing. If the material, manufacturing quality, and installation do not meet the technical specifications, it will not play a sealing and leakage prevention role and even cause accidents. For example, the oil sump or the valve cover of the air valve, due to the large contact area, is not easy to press, causing oil leakage.

Avoid the blockage of the one-way valve and ventilation valve of the sprinkler truck

It can cause the temperature inside the shell to rise, the oil and gas to fill the entire space and cannot be discharged, causing the pressure inside the shell to increase, and the lubricating oil consumption to increase and the replacement cycle to shorten. After the engine ventilation system is blocked, the movement resistance of the piston is increased, and the oil consumption is increased. Due to the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the shell, oil leakage often occurs at weak sealing points. Therefore, regular inspection, dredging, and cleaning of the vehicle are necessary.

Replace the failed oil seal of the sprinkler truck in time

There are many movable parts on the sprinkler truck that may cause oil leakage due to improper installation, such as the misalignment of the axle neck and oil seal edge, resulting in uneven swinging. Some oil seals may lose elasticity due to prolonged use and rubber aging. It is necessary to update them in a timely manner when leaks are detected.

Avoid oil leakage from the hub of the sprinkler truck

Excessive lubricating grease in the hub bearing and cavity, improper assembly of the oil seal, poor quality or aging can cause the hub to overheat due to frequent braking or loosening of the wheel nut, which can lead to oil leakage. Therefore, the "empty cavity lubrication method" should be used to clear the ventilation holes.

Properly solve the sealing of various oil pipe joints of the sprinkler truck

The union nut of the sprinkler truck is often disassembled and assembled, which is prone to slipping, breaking, and loosening, causing oil leakage. Replacing the union nut and using grinding to solve its conical seal can make the nut tighten and solve the sealing problem.

If a sprinkler truck leaks oil during high-temperature weather while driving at a fast speed, it can be very dangerous. Therefore, the driver needs to inspect their vehicle regularly to reduce the occurrence of accidents.

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