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Export Of Bulk Tanker Trucks To Southeast Asia

In ancient times, there was the starting point of the "Silk Road", and now there is the core of the "Belt and Road". Following the Belt and Road, MANTEN GROUP has made great strides towards the world, with a great reputation and a promising future.

Recently, the mass-customized MANTEN van fuel truck has helped the orderly progress of local fueling projects and added luster to the construction of Southeast Asia.

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MANTEN GROUP has been working in the Southeast Asian market for many years. With the excellent performance and lasting stability of its products, it has gradually grown into a brand recognized and trusted by local customers. The 20 van tankers delivered this time are all designed to respond to regional market specifications and customer requirements, and the tailor-made representative MANTEN GROUP aims to create a beautiful street scene.

Locally, based on the existing use of MANTEN GROUP fuel trucks, they are satisfied with the excellent product performance and considerate and fast after-sales service, and choose MANTEN GROUP again among many domestic competing products.

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Adhering to the product concept of "leading technology, exclusive customization, and excellence" to make handicrafts, in order to ensure product performance, MANTEN GROUP refueling trucks, including bulk cement trucks from China, are independently developed and produced, using outer box structure, beautiful appearance, breaking through the design of conventional refueling trucks. It can add two different oil products at the same time, accurately measure, and adopt the exclusive design to accurately display the remaining amount in the tank at the same time.

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Today, more and more MANTEN GROUP vehicles as sewer cleaning truck manufacturers are entering the local area one after another, occupying a leading position in the local market. A full range of products such as refueling vehicles, sanitation vehicles, engineering vehicles, and service vehicles have witnessed the prosperity of express delivery development in Southeast Asia in the Belt and Road Initiative.

In 2022, the export market will still face the complex environment of repeated global epidemics, the Russian-Ukrainian war, complex and severe external environment, economic fluctuations, fluctuations in demand, upgrading of international market regulations, and unprecedented competition. The automobile market will change from "incremental competition" to "stock". "Competition", which makes opportunities and challenges in the automotive industry coexist. Facing the market test of "ice and fire", Manten Group accurately predicts the market trend of the year with keen insight, researching regulations, viewing the overall situation, and understanding risks. The continuous deepening of the market, the continuous growth of sales in strategic markets and key markets, the steady growth of MANTEN Group's sales, and the continuous rise in performance.

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