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Isuzu Fsr 4x4 240hp Military Truck (Army Transprot Truck)

At the beginning of 2022, our company cooperated with ISUZU CHINA to customize a batch of FSR 4X4 chassis for export. The chassis is produced according to the design drawings of ISUZU JAPAN. The front axle, transfer case and other accessories are all original brands of ISUZU. It can be achieved change from 4x2 to 4x4 with one switch in the cab.

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ISUZU FSR 4x4 MILITARY TRUCK is equipped with a 240 horsepower engine. The emission standard is Euro 5. As we know. The euro 5 truck is equipped with DPF system, but our truck's DPF system has been removed yet. After removed the DPF system. The truck can be used in Euro 2, Euro 3 and Euro 4 countries with relatively low emissions. There will be no error code and no break the engine caused by carbon deposition in the exhaust pipe. The service life of the engine is better protected.

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The isuzu prime mover truck is equipped with a supper thickening rain proof and moisture-proof tarpaulin. Removable and folding seats. It is more convenient for the people to use it. The seat is designed in the middle of the truck. It can transport at least 20 peoples. And the load-bearing seat plate, we used thicker wooden, The thickness is 20mm, More durable. Fixed with removable bolts. After the seat is removed, it can be used for cargo transportation. The bottom plate is a non slip checkered plate. The backup part is also made of solid wood. . It will not be too hot for people to lean on when used in high temperature countries. The design is more humanized.

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The ladders adopt the pull-out touchdown design. More stable and firm. It can be perfectly hidden at the bottom of the carriage after use. Convenient and beautiful. The rear plate provided by LPG bulk tank suppliers is designed higher than the other three side. Make the personnel sitting at the rear of the carriage safer. 

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