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What Are the Technical Requirements for Urban Main Battle Firefighting Trucks?

City main battle firefighting trucks are a kind of firefighting truck that integrates various advanced technologies. The requirements for the vehicle chassis, fire fighting system, control system, power take-off system, upfitting technology, as well as intelligent and humanized design are very high. It must go through technological breakthroughs to produce city main battle fire trucks that have strict significance.

Upfitting Technology of Firefighting Truck

To make the firefighting trucks light in weight, with large payload, reliable quality, and durable, light and high-strength materials, advanced fire-fighting systems, and power take-off systems should be used as much as possible. Advanced and reliable cutting, welding, fastening, anti-corrosion and other technologies should be used for processing. CNC machinery should be used for precise processing as much as possible, reducing manual operation. To facilitate operation and use, improve safety and reliability, scientific design should be applied to the handrails, stepping, lighting system, power supply interface, and other systems for firefighters to get on and off. In addition, the division of equipment compartments should be scientifically designed to place and fix the equipment reasonably, facilitate firefighters to use and deploy in battle.

Vehicle Chassis Technology of Firefighting Truck

To make the firefighting trucks have good driving performance on complex and narrow roads, and provide strong output power to the fire-fighting system while maintaining long-term parking and continuous operation; a two-axle structure should be used, and the wheelbase and body length should be as small as possible, with a full-load quality not exceeding 20 tons. For fire stations on narrow roads and bad road conditions in old urban areas, urban main battle fire trucks with shorter wheelbase and body length should be equipped.

Design of Firefighting Truck Cab

To carry out rescue and fire-fighting simultaneously, there should be more than 8 people in the cab, and more than four positive pressure air-breathing device racks should be set up to provide more than three fighting groups for accident disposal in the first time, meeting the requirements for the first time fire-fighting mission. Since the fire fighting truck usually arrives at the fire site within 10 minutes, there is no need to set a large gap between the two rows of seats in the cab, reducing the length of the cab, increasing the space of the compartment, and configuring as many emergency rescue equipment as possible.

Handling Performance of Firefighting Truck

To improve the operating efficiency, reduce the number of operators, and increase the number of rescue personnel, the fire-fighting system and control device should be placed at the back, and an intelligent bus control system should be set up to implement centralized control over the whole vehicle. All mechanical and electrical equipment can be observed and controlled on the main control panel of a display screen, realizing various major functions, automatic fault diagnosis alarms, and data recording and transmitting functions. To make the operation of various functions simple, convenient, and efficient, and achieve user-friendly operation, the control interface should be set up according to fire-fighting and rescue zones. Meanwhile, a manual emergency control system should be equipped to improve the reliability of the whole vehicle system, ensuring the organic combination of personnel and equipment.

Emergency Rescue Function of Firefighting Truck

To meet the needs of emergency rescue and disposal of common accidents, the configuration standards for on-board emergency rescue equipment should be formulated according to local realities. Necessary rescue equipment such as detection, breaking and opening, lifesaving, power generation, smoke exhausting, lighting, washing, blocking, and warning should be configured, and the placement, fixing, and use methods of the equipment should be designed sustainably according to fire-fighting and emergency rescue zones. In addition, a firefighting truck winch can be selected according to local realities.

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