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Application and advantages of Led Advertising Vehicle

The LED advertising vehicle is an associated product after the rise of the LED industry. It is a new type of communication medium that organically combines automobiles with large LED display screens, in the form of three-dimensional video animation, with rich and diverse content, real-time display of graphic information, and mobile advertising.

Generally used for product promotion, brand promotion, talent show, sales on-site display, sports events, concerts, concerts, etc. It can be displayed, communicated, and interacted on site, with a wide range of publicity, which can effectively obtain the maximum advertising effect.

The structure of the LED digital billboard truck generally consists of five parts. Including large screen system, power supply system, hydraulic system (some without parts), operating system, car chassis. Power supply generally adopts industrial 380V electricity, or its own generator power supply. There are many advantages to using LED advertising vehicles, including:

Save time:

LED display backgrounds, large screens, etc. used in traditional activities take time to build, disassemble and assemble. The advertising car saves the process of construction, disassembly and assembly, which reflects the convenience and speed of modern media.

Mobile communication:

It is not limited by geographical location, and can be widely publicized in any target market area required by customers such as streets, alleys, communities, business districts, etc. according to customer needs.

Good visual effect: 

Because the current popular LED color screen is used as the main output, the color is gorgeous, the three-dimensional effect is full, and it has a strong visual impact. The unique shape of this form itself is easy to attract the attention of the public. LED Mobile Advertising Vehicle (OMDM), Outdoor Mobile Direct Mail advertising is an associated product after the rise of the LED industry in recent years. It refers to the advertising equipment that uses the LED screen as the information output device and the mobile body as the heavy body. It can change its position by itself. Generally, it has its own audio, computer and other equipment.

Manten, as top of advertising trailer manufacturers in China, provides types of advertising vehicle as follows:

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