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What Are the Differences Between Civil and Military Firefighting Trucks?

With the rapid development of the economy, the awareness of fire safety among the country and people continues to increase. Nowadays, the proportion of purchasing firefighting trucks in enterprises and communities is increasing. Having a self-equipped firefighting truck can extinguish fires in the first time and minimize the personal and property losses caused by the fire. These types of firefighting trucks have price differences and some models also have certain differences. Customers still need to consider its practicability and choose the appropriate type of firefighting truck. Let's learn about the differences between civilian firefighting trucks and military firefighting trucks.

There are also certain differences in the whole vehicle configuration between civilian firefighting trucks and military firefighting trucks

Vehicle models used by fire departments need to be equipped with 25 standard firefighting equipment, while small fire fighting truck can choose suitable tools according to the environment. In addition, there are two common types of firefighting pumps: normal pressure and high pressure. If you want greater power, you can choose a high-pressure pump. For towns and communities, the use of high configurations is unnecessary. In order to make the fire brigade's firefighting efficiency reach the maximum, all aspects of the configuration are required to be the best.

Civilian firefighting trucks and military firefighting trucks are used in different environments

The usage environment of civilian firefighting trucks is mostly narrow streets

Due to the needs of the usage environment, civilian firefighting trucks mostly work in narrow streets, so the vehicle model cannot be too large. A small wheelbase is convenient for travel, turning, and operating firefighting equipment, providing the best fire suppression effect. The most commonly used multifunctional firefighting trucks and small firefighting trucks.

Military firefighting trucks are used by fire departments

Generally, they require military license plates, so the qualification requirements are stricter. It is not easy to get the CCC , so when buying a vehicle such as isuzu military vehicles, pay attention to whether the manufacturer has CCC certification.

Firefighting trucks are mainly divided into two categories: military firefighting trucks with military plates (mostly used by the fire department) and civilian firefighting trucks with civilian plates (used by enterprises, institutions, towns, communities, etc.).

Since the introduction of firefighting trucks, they have undergone continuous improvement and have quickly become the main force in the fire fighting industry, thoroughly changing the situation of human struggle with fire. Nowadays, more and more units and communities require the deployment of firefighting trucks. When choosing and purchasing the fire fighting truck provided by bulk cement truck supplier, customers are often perplexed and do not know what kind of firefighting truck to choose that can meet their firefighting needs, does not have to worry about licensing and is cost-effective.

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