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25cbm lpg skid station

25cbm LPG Skid Station

1. Manten 25cbm LPG skid station. For refilling cylinders 3kg, 6kg,9kg, 12.5kg, etc. 

Tank material can be carbon steel Q345R

2. Tank performed MT, UT, RT test. heat treatment, water pressure and air pressure test, on-site inspection by the Technical Supervision Bureau, the pressure vessel inspection certificate was issued, and the external derusting and painting processes were completed.

3. Standard configuration of LPG skid station: hydrocarbon pump, motor, pulley, base, alarm, frequency converter, control box, spray water pipe, float level gauge, pressure gauge, thermometer, safety valve, safety return valve, filter, check valve, ball valve, stop valve, pipeline safety valve, unloading pipe, shockproof pipe, flange, metal gasket, 8.8 bolts, electronic filling scale, pipeline, lower rack.

Specification Of 25cbm LPG Skid Station

Tank Specification
Volume of Tank25000liters
Filling Weight12500kg
Tank Weight5970kg
Thickness of Shell (mm)12mm
Thickness of Endplate (mm)14mm
Tank Diameter (mm)2100mm
External Dimensions (mm) (length x width x height)7594*2124*2714mm
Material of Tank and Main Pressure PartsQ345R
Filling MediumLiquefied Petroleum Gas ( Propane)
Design Pressure1.77 MPa
Corrosion Allowance1 mm
Medium Density420-590 kg/ cbm
Manufacturing Standard: Pressure vessels, Supervision Regulation on Safety Technology for Stationary Pressure Vessels of China.
Other Equipment
LPG pumpYQB15-5, 1 set
Motor5.5kW 380V, 1 set
LPG electric filling scale2units of lpg electric filling scale for cylinder 3-150kgs
Inflatable gun3 sets, can be equipped with professional interface,according to user requirements
Shockproof hose2 liquid phase and 2 gas phase, stainless steel
Liquid level gauge
Magnetic flip type and floating ball type
Pressure gauge
Spray deviceDN15 galvanized pipe surrounds the tank body for a week. When the temperature is high, the spray can be adjusted automatically to effectively reduce the temperature
Sun-shieldit is made of 4mm thick aluminum plate to prevent the storage tank from overheating.
Pipes, valves, flanges and standard parts shall be provided according to the actual situation.


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