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Logistic Trucks & Trailers

Logistic Trucks & Trailers

Logistic Trucks & Trailers is a kind of special vehicle in a sense, which is used to transport something. MANTEN GROUP has many types of Logistic Trucks & Trailers, which can be divided according to the compartment, scope of use and length of the vehicle. According to the scope of application, there are ordinary transport trucks, constant temperature and thermal insulation trucks and dangerous goods trucks.

Types Of Logistic Trucks & Trailers For Sale

Transportation Truck

Semi Trailer

Prime Mover Manufacturer

Semi Trailer Semi Trailer
Semi trailers are usually used with tractors, when the volume or tonnage of goods to be transported exceeds the range that the truck can bear, semi trailers will be used for transportation.
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Prime Mover Manufacturer Prime Mover Manufacturer
Prime mover are commonly known as "Tractor". The tractors and the trailers are tied up with traction saddles, and they can be purchased in the market alone.
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The Role Of Trucks & Trailers In Logistics

Among all the dynamic functions of the logistics system, the Logistic Trucks & Trailers is the core link, which realizes the movement of the physical entity from the supply location to the demand location. From the perspective of social economy, the role of Logistic Trucks & Trailers has narrowed the space for material exchanges, expanded the scope of social and economic activities, and realized the average and rationalization of values within this range. No matter what form the transported product is in, whether it is materials, parts, assemblies, work in progress, or finished products, whether it will be transferred to the next stage in the manufacturing process, or closer to the final customer, the Logistic Trucks & Trailers is indispensable.

The Role Of Trucks & Trailers In Logistics

Logistic Trucks & Trailers Application

According to the compartment of the truck:

(1) Flatbed trucks do not have carriages, but only have sidewalls of less than 1 meter. Generally, Flatbed trucks are relatively large at 9-16 meters. It is used to transport some basic materials, such as daily chemicals, chemicals, plastic particles and so on.

(2) There is a carriage with high guardrail. The walls of the carriage are colored steel. There is no closed ceiling. The ceiling is made of canvas and can be lifted and lowered according to the number of goods inside. Therefore, it is applicable to the transportation of most products and is widely used.

(3) Fully enclosed or container trucks, ranging from 4 to 17 meters, are suitable for transporting trucks with high value or high requirements for vehicles. At present, such trucks account for almost half of the freight market. Carrying 2-35 tons.

logistic trucks trailers
container trucks

Logistic Trucks & Trailers FAQs

How much loading weight refrigerated truck does Manten offer?

Manten manufactures and sells 1-40 tons refrigerated trucks, and 40ft 45HQ refrigerated semi-trailers.

What brands are used for the refrigerated units of refrigerated trucks and semi-trailers?

We have Chinese famous brand: Hanxue, American brand Thermo King, Carrier and Korean brand DONG IN THERMO.Sino-Korean joint venture brand: Hanya.

What is the production standard of your trailers? Did your trailers export to European and American countries before?

Our trailers are produced according to China GB local standards; we have previously exported trailer superstructures to European and American countries. For large-volume orders, we can apply for ADR certification to meet market demand.

What brand tractor head/prime mover do you sale?

We sale ISUZU brand tractor, Sinotruk tractor head, FAW prime mover, FOTON Auman tractor truck, Shacman Tractor, CAMC Manual tractor, Terminal tractor. Electrical tractor. CNG Tractor.

Can your maintenance truck and workshop trailer be customized, and what equipment are available?

Yes, our workshop truck and trailer can be customized, option equipment: generator, air compressor, bench table, winch. Welding machine, tire repairing machine.

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