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Do You Know the Development Trend of Truck?

The formal name of trucks is load-carrying vehicles, which are a form of automobile used for carrying goods and commodities, including dump trucks, tractor trucks, off-road and off-road area offroading trucks, and various types of trucks specially designed for special needs (such as airport shuttle buses, fire trucks and ambulances, oil tank trucks, container tractors, etc.).

Tractor truck and dump truck will be the main types of heavy trucks, while the market share of cargo truck and box cars will gradually shrink

Foreign enterprises' product structure, as well as the product structure of major heavy truck enterprises, are mainly composed of tractor trucks and dump trucks; the rapid development of expressways has also provided space for tractor trucks to play their transportation roles and efficiency advantages; at the same time, users' demand will gradually shift towards tractor trucks and dump trucks due to considerations of transportation efficiency.

Low-tonnage medium truck will dominate the mid-size truck market

Low-tonnage medium truck can be matched with four-cylinder diesel engines, with obvious price advantages and obvious cost-effectiveness advantages over high-tonnage medium trucks. Their flexibility, convenience, and economic cargo volume and cargo space are very suitable for urban logistics. From the perspective of future development, low-tonnage medium trucks will also obtain city operation permits at the appropriate time, while high-tonnage medium trucks are expected to be excluded.

Medium-sized truck with high tonnage and heavy truck with low tonnage will be in an embarrassing situation

This trend has begun to emerge, mainly because the transportation efficiency of these categories of trucks is relatively low. The future outlet for these models will turn to the field of special vehicles, but the configuration will undergo major changes, such as the power level of the engine will increase, and the axles and gearboxes will also make corresponding changes and adjustments.

The main matching power of medium and heavy truck will develop in both directions

Engines above 11 liters will be foreign brand diesel engine products that are jointly produced and cooperated, and are also one of the main powers of the heavy truck, and their market size depends on the market demand of high-end trucks and their own cost level. The 6-cylinder diesel engine of 8-9 liters will achieve synchronous growth with high-tonnage heavy trucks, but the production capacity of each product is the biggest obstacle to its market development. The 200 horsepower or below four-cylinder diesel engine, which mainly matches low-tonnage heavy trucks, will also develop rapidly. At the same time, the market for 7-liter 6-cylinder diesel engines will gradually shrink, and its market dominance will no longer exist.

The weight of heavy truck will increase

With the diversification of user demand, heavy truck products will develop towards multiple grades, which directly leads to the increase in the types and quantity of vehicle parts, and the weight of the entire vehicle will increase accordingly; while the country will formulate heavy truck standards for certain purposes (such as reducing the damage of vehicles to roads, improving the technical content of heavy trucks, etc.), increasing the number of vehicle axles, new technologies or parts can be applied, and this also increases the weight of the entire vehicle.

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