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Water sprinkler truck structure and working principle

A water sprinkler truck is mainly composed of two types of automobile chassis, a water tank, a pipe system, and other components. It is suitable for washing and watering operations on various road surfaces, as well as for garden spraying, watering, and emergency firefighting. Its main functions include front flushing, rear sprinkling, side sprinkling, high cannon, self-priming, and firefighting. Let's learn about the structure and working principle of the water sprinkler truck together.


I. Working principle of the water sprinkler truck

The water sprinkler truck uses the power of the engine to drive the onboard sprinkler pump through the power take-off, adding water to the truck from the water inlet or transporting the water in the tank to various nozzles through pipes to achieve various functions.


II. Structural components of the water sprinkler truck

  1. Water tank assembly

The water tank assembly of the water sprinkler truck is composed of a tank body, support legs, tank mouth and cover, and compartment device. The tank body is usually welded with steel plates, and its cross-sectional shape can be elliptical, rectangular, or circular. The support legs can be of two types: integral frame type and basin bottom frame type. The latter can be further divided into longitudinal beam separate type and support leg completely independent type. The number and diameter of the tank mouth are related to the tank volume.

  1. Transmission device

The transmission device of the water sprinkler truck generally includes a reducer or speed increaser and a drive shaft, which transmit power to the water pump and meet the requirements of the water pump's speed and rotation direction. The power device of the water sprinkler truck can be an auxiliary engine or an electric motor, or it can use the car's main engine. It is usually taken from the car's gearbox and meets the above requirements through the power take-off.

  1. Pipe system

The pipe system of the water sprinkler truck has functions such as delivering water to the water tank when suctioning water, delivering water from the water tank to the nozzle when sprinkling water, and directly leading suction water to the nozzle. The suction pipe is generally composed of rubber hoses and steel pipes, and the sprinkler pipe usually consists of steel pipes, valves, and nozzles.

  1. Operating system

The operating system of the water sprinkler truck includes the power take-off gear shift control and suction and sprinkling control. The operating modes include pneumatic control and manual control. The pneumatic gear shift operation consists of gear shift mechanism, pipe, valve, and indicator, etc. The manual control consists of gear shift mechanism, control lever and positioning mechanism, transmission mechanism, and indicating plate.

  1. Power take-off box

It is installed on the gearbox and is divided into left-mounted and right-mounted forms. Its main function is to output the engine power and transmit it to the onboard water pump through the drive shaft.

  1. Water pump

It can be a self-priming sprinkler pump or a centrifugal sprinkler pump.

  1. Sprinkler pipeline

The sprinkler pipeline of the water sprinkler truck includes inlet and outlet, front flushing, rear sprinkling, side spraying, high-pressure cannon, four-way three-way ball valve, filter screen three-way, etc.


III. Main Uses of Water Sprinkler Truck

  1. Road Watering

In our daily life, we often see water sprinkler trucks on the wide roads, mainly for watering the city's roads and the green belts on both sides and around the roads. This is one of the most common uses of water sprinkler trucks.

  1. Cooling and Temperature Reduction

When summer comes, water sprinkler trucks play a role in cooling the road surface and are essential for maintaining the road. Therefore, it plays a critical role in road maintenance and also has a temperature-reducing effect.

  1. Dust Removal

In dusty environments, we also see water sprinkler trucks watering and dust removal. Water can accumulate dust and particles in the air, reducing impurities in the air and benefiting human health. Therefore, water sprinkler trucks play a role in dust removal.

  1. Park and Garden Greening

Water sprinkler trucks are used for park and garden greening, which is also the most important use of water sprinkler trucks. The water cannon of the water sprinkler truck can be adjusted to be a pillar, heavy rain, medium rain, light rain, rear spray, and high shower, which can water flowers, plants, and trees in the green belts of roadsides, communities, parks, and clean dust on the trees. It is suitable for garden greening operations.

  1. Temporary Firefighting

Water sprinkler trucks can help firefighting trucks fight together in special situations, saving time and reducing losses. The high water cannon of the water sprinkler truck can rotate 360 degrees and can adjust to a cylindrical range of more than 30 meters, and has a fire-fighting interface. Therefore, water sprinkler trucks have a role in temporary firefighting.

  1. Drought Water Transport

Water sprinkler trucks transport water to areas with scarce water resources to alleviate drought and bring convenience to people's lives. Therefore, it also serves as a water transport role.

  1. Pesticide Spraying

Water sprinkler trucks can also spray pesticides, mainly by installing a pesticide spraying device on the rear working platform of ordinary water sprinkler trucks. It is suitable for large-scale pesticide spraying operations and is also called a multifunctional water sprinkler truck.

Through the above study of the structure and working principle of the water sprinkler truck, it is hoped that more water sprinkler truck users can be helped, and you can have a new understanding of the structure and working principle of the water sprinkler truck.


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