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Seven Precautions for Sanitation Sprinkler Trucks to Prevent Tire Blowouts

Water trucks generally operate in urban areas, and a tire blowout can have a significant impact on the safety of surrounding citizens. Therefore, it is essential to take precautions to avoid tire blowouts on the road, and the simplest method is to perform regular inspections and maintenance.

Check if there are any bulges on the tires of the sanitation sprinkler truck

The tire surface may have bulges or blisters where the strength is insufficient or where the thickness is locally thinnest. These bulges are higher than the normal tire surface and are the most obvious sign of tire blowouts, which can occur suddenly at any time. Tire bulges are generally irreparable, and if they occur, do not drive the vehicle on the road. The vehicle must be quickly sent to a repair shop to check for tire malfunctions and replace the tire immediately.

Do not ignore small cracks on the sanitation sprinkler truck's tires during visual inspections

When checking the tire pressure, look for sharp objects that could scratch the tire surface. Even if the scratch is not deep, it should be noted that small cracks can cause the tire to become worse and cause problems when driving the sprinkler truck. Check the tire wear pattern. Excessive wear on the tire shoulder indicates insufficient tire inflation, while wear in the central area indicates over-inflation.

Check the tread depth of the sanitation sprinkler truck's tires

New tires have deeper tread patterns and shorter braking distances. If the tread pattern is shallow, the braking time will be longer, and the braking distance will be longer, so pay attention to this. Do not wait until the tread pattern is worn out before replacing the tire; it must be replaced in a timely manner to prevent the risk of tire blowouts.

Clean the small stones from the sanitation sprinkler truck's tires in a timely manner

The gaps in the sanitation sprinkler truck's tires can be used for drainage, and these gaps can also increase friction. If there are too many small stones in the tire gaps and they are not cleaned regularly, the tire may not be able to drain water quickly when it rains, or too many small stones may reduce the friction between the tire and the road surface, increasing the braking distance when braking.

Check for sidewall cracks on the sanitation sprinkler truck's tires

Visible cracks or notches on the sidewall of the tire indicate that the tire may leak air or even cause a tire blowout. This detail must not be overlooked and must be carefully checked.

Check the wear indicators on the sanitation sprinkler truck's tire tread

The wear indicators on new tires are not visible, but as the tire wears to a certain degree, the hidden wear indicators in the tire grooves will become visible. As soon as the indicators appear, drivers of sprinkler trucks should be careful on wet roads. If all the indicators on the tire are visible, the tire must be replaced as soon as possible.

Avoid over-inflation and under-inflation of the sanitation sprinkler truck's tires

It is not advisable to overinflate tires, as they may burst due to excessive expansion pressure during high-speed operation. Therefore, the standard tire pressure should be maintained according to the manufacturer's requirements, including the spare tire pressure. Underinflation is the biggest enemy of tires. It can accelerate the wear of the tire tread at the outer edge (or shoulder), generate excessive heat, reduce the service life of the tire, and increase fuel consumption due to the increased rolling resistance, making it difficult for the vehicle to move. Tire pressure can be measured with a tire pressure gauge, but it must be measured at normal temperature because measuring it when the tire is hot will produce inaccurate results.

These are the precautions for tire maintenance. Don't think that only private cars need maintenance. As a city sanitation vehicle, the sprinkler truck is used more frequently and bears greater responsibility, so tire inspection and maintenance should be done well.

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