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12 14cbm combined garbage station

12-14CBM Combined Garbage Station

1. The 12-14CBM Combined garbage station adopts horizontal compression mode, with a thrust of 34 tons and a maximum compaction density of 0.8t/m3.

2. Using the reciprocating motion of the bulldozer cylinder to drive the bulldozer to push out and retract, so as to achieve the function of compressing garbage.

3. The compression container is sealed as a whole, and the rear door is sealed with imported seals.

Specification Of 12-14CBM Combined Garbage Station

Truck Specification
Product Name12-14CBM Combined garbage station
ManufacturerMANTEN GROUP
Main system motor5.5-7.5 KW Siemens motor
Main system oil pumpItaly imported high pressure gear pump imported
Valve groupItaly imported AT0S electromagnetic valve,superimposed hydraulic lock, cartridge overflow valve, etc
Hydraulic system pipeline1. Adopt international  standard DIN 24 °
2.The hard pipe shall be a precise seamless bright pipe (the hard pipe and the pipe joint shall be non welded)
Electric control unit1. Siemens PLC
2. The external interface adopts touch screen
3. Schneider electric components are used for relays, travel switches, etc
4. The pressure sensor adopts components customized by Honghui technology from Germany

Air cooling devicethe hydraulic oil tank is equipped with Honghui technology's high-efficiency low-noise air cooler to ensure that the system is operating at the set temperature
Wireless remote control deviceimported remote control device, which can operate effectively at any angle within 30 meters (this device can be operated according to the user's needs
High pressure filterHonghui technology high performance filter


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