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Shacman X3000 12TON LPG Refilling Truck


In July 2023, our company completed the Shacman X3000 left-hand drive 12ton 24 cubic meter LPG tank truck with filling system.

The vehicle adopts Shacman X3000 left-hand drive chassis, high-roof cab with double sleepers. When it is convenient for long-distance transportation, drivers can take turns to rest.

The cab is air-conditioned. Comfortable ride.

This Shacman X3000 12 tons LPG gas filling faw truck China is exported to Kazakhstan. The engine adopts 375 horsepower and Emission Standard is Euro V.

The volume of the top loading tank is 12ton/24cbm/24000liter. The tank material is Q345R. The loading medium could be propane, cooking gas, and LLPG. The tank body uses double elliptical heads, the thickness of the tank body and the endplate is 12mm, and the design pressure is 1.61Mpa. The conventional configuration of the liquefied gas transport vehicle is: single outlet, safety valve, thermometer, pressure gauge, emergency shut-off valve, French Blue face connection ball valve, float type liquid level gauge with percentage dial, iron fender, fire extinguisher, anti-static grounding tape.

The Shacman 24cbm cooking gas refilling truck, provided by LPG bulk tank manufacturers is specially customized for customers, can use both for transportation the LPG and also refilling to the lpg cylinder bottles, like 15kg, 12,5kg, 9kg etc. So it’s also equipped with gas filling equipment, standard domestic flow meter (with printing function), YQ15-5 liquefied gas pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic oil radiator, safety return valve, pipeline safety valve, pipeline pressure gauge , Thermometer, wheel operator, shock absorber hose, check valve, gas reel, 15 meters gas hose. The gas filling equipment valve box can be installed on the side or rear of the vehicle. The valve box is made of stainless steel rolling door, which is durable.

In addition to 12ton, we can also make 8ton, 10ton, 15ton and other liquefied gas filling vehicles. Welcome customers to inquire at any time.






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