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50m sinotruk 4x2 telescopic boom hydraulic aerial cage truck

50m SINOTRUK 4x2 Telescopic Boom Hydraulic Aerial Cage Truck

1. This High-altitude working vehicle adopts SINOTRUK chassis ,Boom type is 7 Sections telescopic boom, Max. operation height is 50m.

2. The steel structural parts of the whole vehicle are made of high-strength materials with light deadweight, high strength, great toughness and high reliability.

3. The basket is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is not easy to be damaged, and the design load of the rust and lightweight structure is larger.with super large operation platform can carry 400KG (up to 5 people), and the operation platform can rotate 360 °.

4. The imported electro-hydraulic proportional valve group is equipped with advanced CAN bus control system and wireless remote controller, which makes the operation safer and more convenient.

5. Equipped with a 5-inch LCD screen, which can display the detection arm length, elevation, platform height, operation height, etc. in real time.

6. The boom adopts a leading 7-section full wire rope telescopic structure, with a built-in chain breaking protector, which makes the work safer and more stable.synchronous expansion, compact structure, high operation efficiency and wide operation range. Built in telescopic oil cylinder and double chain telescopic mechanism make it easier to observe fault points and facilitate maintenance.

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Specification Of 50m SINOTRUK 4x2 Telescopic Boom Hydraulic Aerial Cage Truck

Truck Specification
Product Name50m SINOTRUK 4X2 Telescopic boom Hydraulic aerial cage truck
Truck ManufacturerMANTEN GROUP
Chassis Specification
Chassis BrandISUZU
Drive type4x2,Single cabin
Fuel type of engineDiesel
Maximum horse power250HP
Emission standard6
Gear boxType9T

Upper body specification
Working conditionMaximum operating height50m
Boom Type7 Sections telescopic boom
Outrigger typeOutrigger typeFront V Rear H type. Controlled independently
BasketRated loading weight400kgs
Bucket materialhigh strength steel
Operation systemOperation4 operation mode: Electrical operation of working platform ,ground remote control ,controller in the bucket,and emergency lever.
Control systemElectro hydraulic proportional control system and optional load proportional system can realize double action synchronization and stepless speed regulation
Leveling systemHydraulic automatic leveling
Security configurationAutomatic interlocking device for up and downFor locking up and down the truck to prevent the risk of misoperation
Basket360 degree rotation
Horizontal functionReal time display
Emergency electric emergency pumpWhen the engine and main pump failure, the operator can be sent back to the ground.
Emergency stop deviceFor emergency stop operation
Night safety warning deviceThere are engineering flashing lights and lights on vehicle.
Ignition and flameout of engineThe engine can be ignited and flameout controlled at the turntable and platform
Real time communicationThere is wireless intercom between the platform and the vehicle


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