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Logistics Trucks And Trailers

Each truck has its own capacity, which means transporters must carefully choose how they transport their cargo. This also affects the profit margins of the transporters, so they must know which option is best for their cargo.

One of the biggest challenges in transporting goods is moving them from one place to another within a specific time interval without damaging them. The different types of trucks and trailers used in global logistics are:


Most of the goods or goods are transported in this truck. Semi-trailers are one of the most popular types of trucks in logistics and are therefore very common on the road.

One of the transporters can carry 24,000 kg. The semi-trailer can be loaded by removing its tent cover from above or from the side or through its back. That means it's perfect for stackable cargo.

Tail lift truck

Tail forklifts have a lift mechanism in order to load goods onto the truck. These are relatively small in size, at least compared to semi-trailers. These can carry up to 2,000 kg. Therefore, cargo can only be loaded from the back of the truck, which is mainly used for distribution.

Large trailer

Large trailers are similar to semi-trailers. These trucks can carry up to 24,000 kg and have more capacity due to their G-shaped floor. These trucks are great for transporting large cargo as they are very spacious. They can be loaded from the top, side or rear, just like a semi-trailer.

Flatbed truck

Flatbed trucks are so named because they have an open bed trailer and cab. Therefore, flatbed trucks have no roof or sides. This makes it easy to load and unload cargo using a crane. In trucks and trailers, this is the ideal truck for durable goods such as lumber, pipes and other construction materials. This means it can easily fit into an extended trailer.

Straight truck

Drive-thru trucks, vans or kava trucks are one of the most commonly used trucks in logistics and are suitable for small cargo such as: furniture, household items and similar shipments. This is a popular choice for many transporters as it requires fewer licensing requirements.

Refrigerated truck

A refrigerated truck is a type of truck used to transport perishable goods such as: agricultural products, pharmaceuticals or food items such as vegetables and fruits. The most common type of refrigerated truck is the semi-trailer. These types of trucks can control the internal temperature, making them suitable for the aforementioned cargo.

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