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isuzu frr 4x2 6m3 refueling truck

Isuzu FRR 4x2 6m³ Refueling Truck

1. This Mobile Fuel Dispenser Truck adopts Isuzu FRR chassis, 6000Liters FuelTank, equipped with 2 compartments, and 2 fuel dispenser for 2 diffrent kind oil.

2. The tank body is made of  Q235B carbon steel. The tank innner body shall be treated with rust prevention and oil coating.

3. Tank pipe network system: it is made of all aluminum alloy and has double networks, which can realize self suction, self pumping and self flow oil drainage.

4. Standard configuration: aluminum alloy oil pump, European standard manhole with breathing valve, Bottom valve for Emergency cut-off, Non slip walkway and foldable handrail on the top of tank, Pipeline filter screen, Fire extinguisher, 2pcs discharge hose and storage on each side, Safety warning marks on the tank.

5. Special function configuration: equipped with two independent refueling systems and pipeline systems, two sets of fuel dispensers, fuel reels and operating systems are installed in the rear of tank.

Specification of Isuzu FRR 4x2 6m³ Refueling Truck

Truck Specification
Product Name6000Liters ISUZU FRR Mobile Fuel Dispenser Truck
Truck ManufacturerMANTEN GROUP
Chassis Specification
Chassis BrandISUZU FRR
Drive type4x2, Left hand drive
Fuel type of engineDiesel
EngineBrandISUZU, 4HK1-TCG40
Maximum horse power190HP
Emission standard4
Gear boxTypeMLD,6T

Upper body specification
Fuel TankCapacity6m³ / 6000Liters /6CBM
Tank MaterialQ235B carbon steel 5mm, epoxy paint 3 layer inner surface
Compartment2 compartment
Transport mediumDisel and gasoline
FunctionManhole on top tanker1pcs European standard manhole for each compartments, total 2pcs
Safety ValveEuropean Standard
Discharge ValveAlluminum Alloy Ball Valve type
Emergency Cutoff DeviceAlluminum Alloy Bottom Valve
Oil PumpDuplex pump
Fuel Dispenser1pcs Censtar fuel dispenser for each compartment, total 2pcs
Refueling reel1pcs 15M Refueling reel with refueling gun, total 2pcs
Piping System2 pcs independent pipeline system
Standard configurationTool box, climbing ladder, handrail, fire extinguisher, 2pcs oil hose etc are included


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