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25ton Wrecker Tow Trucks Successfully Entered the African Market


Heavy type HOWO 25ton of wrecker tow truck recently announced a successful entry into the African market, which marks as Manten officially began to export its high-quality wreckers to African countries.

Manten 25ton wrecker truck is recognized as the industry leader for its outstanding performance and reliability, which adopts advanced technology and innovative design to ensure reliable and efficient clearing services in a variety of complex road conditions.

The wrecker truck is equipped with a high-powered engine with powerful power and high torque output, making it easy to meet various challenges. At the same time, the car also uses advanced suspension system and braking system to ensure stability and safety. In addition, the interior design of the vehicle is user-friendly and easy to operate, so that the driver can complete the task more easily and comfortably at work.

The successful entry of HOWO 25ton wrecker truck into the African market will provide a reliable solution for road safety and traffic management in African countries. The vehicle can be applied to a variety of scenarios such as road rescue, vehicle towing and accident clearing, and can quickly and effectively complete the task and improve the overall rescue efficiency.

Entering the African market is an important step in its global market expansion strategy. Manten will continue to be committed to providing innovative, reliable and high-performance vehicle solutions to its global customers, contributing to traffic accident rescue and traffic management around the world.

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