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Oil & Gas Industry Truck

Oil & Gas Industry Truck

Manten Group manufacutures Oil & Gas Industry Truck. It is mainly used for the transportation and storage of petroleum derivatives such as gasoline, diesel oil, crude oil, lubricating oil, coal tar, LPG, Propane, butune, etc. Generally, the capacity is relatively large, and it is divided into pressure-resistant or non-pressure-resistant. Since such media are flammable and explosive, higher safety standards are required for transport vehicles. Manten Group strictly controls the quality, and all products go through multiple strict quality inspection procedures before leaving the factory to ensure safe transportation.

Types Of Oil & Gas Industry Truck For Sale

LPG Tank Truck

Fuel Tank Truck

LPG Tank Truck LPG Tank Truck
LPG Tank Truck series include LPG tank, LPG transport truck, LPG bobtail ,LPG Skid station, LPG Plant. It can be used to storage and transport liquefied petroleum gas, or refill gas for cooking gas cylinders and cars by equip flow meters or gas dispensers with filling gun.
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Fuel Tank Truck Fuel Tank Truck
Fuel Tank Truck series include fuel tank, fuel transport truck, refueler truck and fuel station. According to the customers' requirements, different tank materials are used: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy. It can be divided into serveral compartments to load different oil. can be equipped with a fuel dispenser or a flow meter to refuel.
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The Cylindrical Shape Of Oil Tankers

The oil tankers is cylinderical shape, due to this shape can reduce the pressure of the dispersed liquid on the tank wall. Under the same volume and the same strength, the oval design can reduce the wall thickness and reduce the material. At the same time, it also improves the driving balance ability, and is also easy to clean.Minimize the static electricity generated by the sloshing. Every time the oil in the tanker collides with the oil tank, static electricity will be generated. possibility of explosion.

The Cylindrical Shape Of Oil Tankers

Oil & Gas Industry Truck Application

Oil tanks, oil tanker truck, LPG tank, LPG Tank truck are used to storage liquids or gases and are essential and important infrastructures in petroleum, chemical, grain and oil, food, fire protection, transportation, metallurgy, national defense, and other industries.

lpg skid station refill cooking gas cylinders
fuel tank truck refill nachine

Oil & Gas Industry Truck FAQs

What is the material of fuel tank truck?

Manten manufacture stainless steel, aluminum Alloy, carbon steel oil Tank truck. The tank truck can be used transport Kerosene, gasoline, diesel, lubricating oil, edible oil, etc.

What is your production standard of LPG tank, truck, and trailer? What countries do you sell your trucks to?

LPG Tank series are manufactured strictly according to GB150.1~4, also have ASME Standard. Manten LPG tank seriese sale to Nigeria, Tanzania, Ugansa, Kenya, Bangladesh ,Cambodia, Mongolia, Bolivia., etc. Cooperate with famous Oil & Gas company like AA RANO, NNPC, O Gas, NIPCO, etc.

What size fuel tank truck and trailer do you produce?

For Fuel Tank truck size from 3000Liers to 40000Liters. Fuel tank trailer from 40000Liters to 60000Liters

What size LPG tank, LPG Tank truck, and LPG tank trailer do you produce?

Manten Manufacture 2.5tons to 100tons LPG above ground tank, 5CBM to 120CBM LPG underground tank, 5000Liters to 38000Liters LPG tank, 5CBM to 38CBM LPG bobtail, 20MT to 30MT LPG tank trailer, 5CBM To 50CBM LPG Skid Station, etc.

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