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Explore Manten Trucks

Explore Manten Trucks

MANTEN GROUP focus on manufacure special purpose vehicles, which include Oil & Gas Industry Truck, Sanitation Truck, Construction Truck, Civic Utility Truck, Logistic Trucks& Trailers etc. Manten closely follows the new trend of the development of special-purpose vehicles and the overseas design concept, provides a powerful guarantee for customers to provide one-stop export services, customized solutions according to customers' use needs.

Manten Provides Different Truck Types

Transport and dispenser different kind petroleum derivatives (gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, edible oil,crude oil, lubricating oil and coal tar, LPG, butune, propane ) and and non-petroleum products such as alcohol, aldehyde, benzene, ether, etc
Sanitation truck is a special vehicle used for urban city tidying and cleaning: Garbage removal, Road flushing, trees and green belts watering, sewer dredging,etc.
Construction trucks are the backbone of a construction project, which doubles the progress of construction projects and greatly reduces manpower. They are used for transport project materials, Lifting heavy objects, excavation, road construction and maintenance etc.
It is often used in the logistics distribution of large supermarkets or the logistics turnover between factory processes, animal husbandry transportation, from farm to slaughterhouse or market.
To perform urban tasks, wrecker trucks are mainly used for road failure vehicles, urban illegal vehicles and emergency rescue. Fire truck used by the fire brigade for fire fighting, auxiliary fire fighting or fire rescue. Ambulance use for rescue and transfer patients.

How Do We Ensure Truck Quality

Set Strict Quality Standards

Each link from product development, process design to raw material procurement has detailed and controllable quality management standards.

Implement the Relevant Personnel Responsibility System

Manten earnestly grasps the principle of "quality first", and through intensive training, enables all employees to have a comprehensive awareness of quality management.

Enhanced Process Monitoring

Our dedicated quality control team conducts self-inspection, mutual inspection, main inspection and random inspection of raw materials, processes and technologies.

Why Trucks Are Better Than Cars?

Why Trucks Are Better Than Cars?
  • Power and Towing Capacity

    Trucks have more powerful engines and far more torque than cars. The truck has more gears, in order to improve efficiency and reduce damage to the truck itself, it also makes the shifts smoother, and the truck will be easier than the car when hauling heavier loads.

  • Convenient Transportation

    Trucks can be used to transport goods and packages; but there isn't enough room for a sedan or SUV to hold that. When transporting by truck, you don't have to worry about the truck being damaged or soiled in the process.

  • Safey and Reliable

    Trucks are much safer and more reliable than cars, are much less likely to have mechanical problems or breakdowns, are more versatile and are built to last. Trucks can also travel longer distances than cars. We modify trucks to better serve drivers and make them safer.

Manten Truck Manufacturing Process

Step 1

Engineer Team design and issue drawing according to the customer's requirements,  prepare purchase list.

Step 2

Purchasing department will purchase chassis and related materials and accessories according to the purchase list.

Step 3

After the chassis is completed, the quality inspection department inspects whether all components are qualified.

Step 4

The upper part of the production, the degree of automation can be fully automatic or semi-automatic according to customer requirements and actual production needs. Equipped with conveying device to facilitate workers and improve efficiency, and necessary protective devices and insurance to ensure production safety. The production line should run continuously, and each station can run continuously to improve production efficiency.

Step 5

Each production step: coiling, welding, punching, tightening bolts, grinding, painting, all have quality inspectors to supervise and test the whole process, and the steps that do not meet the requirements will be rectified immediately.

Step 6

Complete Truck test: The quality inspection department inspects the quality of the vehicle and issues an inspection report.

Industries That Rely On Trucks

Manten Special Vehicle, mounted special functions equipment, used to undertake special transportation tasks or special operations and other special-purpose vehicles.

Truck transport serves the world every day, yet trucking is such an integral part of our society that we often take it for granted.

Let's explore more about the importance of trucking by taking a look at some of the industries that count on trucks.

Auto Truck Sales of Logistic
Auto Truck Sales of Airport Service
Airport Service
Auto Truck Sales of Healthcare
Auto Truck Sales of Construction
Auto Truck Sales of City Sanitation
City Sanitation
Auto Truck Sales of Chemical Industry
Chemical Industry
Auto Truck Sales of Poultry and Animal Husbandry
Poultry and Animal Husbandry
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